Friday, December 11, 2009

Going Knit-crazy

Due to the nature of my body I'm constantly under threat by any number of old wounds. Sadly, at the moment this wound is in the form of a torn ligament in my right knee, angered by years of badly-taught netball drills. To be exact, the interior meniscus which, I'm led to believe, is one of the major ones that holds everthing together and keeps it working.
I damaged my knee two weeks ago while at work. I was walking. When I tell people this most smile at me knowingly, expecting me to regal them with the real story. But that's it. I was walking, and I managed to tear a vital part of my knee. Even my surgeon seemed dubious at my explaination. No exciting story about saving a small child from a burning building, or rescuing a kitten from a tree. Just walking.
Because I did it at work I am hoping to be covered by work cover, which stops me from fretting over the ever-increasing number of bills. It also means that I still get paid while I'm off work for the next two weeks, recovering from the operation to stick things back together. It doesn't, however, prevent the pain and frustration at not being able to walk, bathe, sleep, or sit normally. And it certainly doesn't stop the crazy boredom that seems to be encapsulating my days while I sit...and sit....and sit.
To keep me busy I've got a bunch of beautiful wools and fun crafty things to play with, my problem is always finding the perfect project for that perfect wool. While I'm not sure about my skill level (still completing my first ever granny-square blanket) I've got big plans and giant dreams for my next batch:

I love how this necklace from creativeyarn looks both delicate and chunky. I've got some recycled cotten yarn perfect for this. AND my new milk/acryllic blend was handlicked for this one from the same site:

I'm endeavouring to get this one done for my counsin's Christmas pressie. She's been giggling at my nanna ways but after seeing this, all of a sudden crocheting is cool. I think with all the free time I've got overthe next two weeks I'm going to have heaps of time to master both these and work on something even bigger.  I've just got to find the right project....

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