Thursday, December 31, 2009

Resolving things

New Years Eve. The ringing out of the old and ringing in of the new. Ironically for me it's more the reverse (reverting to the old, waving goodbye to the new) as I pack the last of my clothes and make those last minute keep/throw decisions. The hall is lined with a city of boxes and looks not unlike the city skyline I'm leaving behind, along with a year full of few ups and lots of downs.
I'm one of those people that makes a list of resolutions each year with strict determination to meet every goal. And succeed at none. So this year I've decided to focus solely on one goal: to remember the little things. Yesterday, while packing and feeling sorry for myself, I came across the left-over bubbles from a friends wedding this year. I'd just painted my nails red in a moment of procrastination. Blowing the bubbles up into my fan, I got caught in a moment when, in the chaos of boxes, strewn clothes, and medical bills, I couldn't help but smile. Red nails. bubbles. Michael Buble singing I've got the World on a String. The world was happy for a moment, and for that moment it didn't matter that my life was falling down around me.
So in 2010 I'm going to focus more on the small moments.

The bubble blowing

red nail

crazy dancing

day at the beach

sweet treat

first kiss

unexpected discovery

moments that make all the big-bad-bear moments seem not quite so big.

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