Thursday, December 24, 2009

Christmas Crafts

So, it's Christmas. Normally I  Love Christmas, but with everything that's happened (or not happened) this year I just can't seem to find my Christmas mojo. I'm sure after a few margaritas and, mango bellini in hand, I'll find some Christmas cheer, but right now, even on Christmas Eve, it all just seems too much effort.
So instead of blabbing on about the holiday joy and the fun I've had baking, I'd rather just leave a few photos of Christmas crocheting tasks I've completed. The first, A blanket for my lovely friend B.

My high-school boyfriend used to jokingly refer to her as Old Man. Sadly she now is suffering from a disease which leaves her feeling like an old woman most days. I made this foot blankie to keep her warm on long cold nights when her bones ache and her belly hurts. Funnily enough I chose the colours purely for their delightfulness, only realising as I sat weaving in the last ends that I'd chosen quintessential Christmas tones. 

The second project you may remember from this post. That very night I sat down and attempted the bow on the alice band with such great success. I also achieved the alice band for my cousin and couldn't wait til Christmas to give it to her. Unfortunately she loved it so much I didn't have time to snap a picture of it. Not to worry, I've got another one in the works as we speak.

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