Friday, December 18, 2009

I'm not bad, I'm just drawn that way.

I have this thing for vintage pinups. Hmmm...That makes me sound like a perve. Maybe it's some girly obsession with glamour, maybe it's my child-hood love of Jessica Rabbit:

 Who knows. Don't get me wrong, I'm under no illusions about the relation between these girls and porn. I get that these girls were the Playboy bunnies of their day, the centrefolds of the 40s and 50s. But look:

They're just so darn sexy. There are plenty other naughtier images out there with the girls naked, but even they seem so much classier than the pinup girls of today. And some of them are just so fun, like this one:

and this one:

The pin-up artsits of those days didn't stick to the typical "naughty naked girl" routine, they had fun with it, and seemed to get that less isn't always more. And some of them even became famous! Alberto Vargas created a whole line of WWII pinups known as the "Varga Girls" and inspired a 2008 photo shoot with stars doing crazy things like this:

That's susan Sarandon looking every bit pinup material at 62. Wow! right? I saw this shot in a magazine last year and fell in love with it so much I'd love to recreate it, and hang it on a wall somewhere. In fact, I'd love a whole collection of pinups for my walls, including this lovely Varga Girl santa:

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