Wednesday, December 16, 2009

The Sky is Falling

Isn't it amazing how a moment can change so much? How at any given point every inch of your life hangs on this huge set of scales waiting to be tipped one way or the other.
At the moment my scales seem permanantly tipped in this direction:

when only yesterday they were closer to this:

My Workcover claim for my knee was rejected on Friday. Today, after talking to my district manager, I've been informed that until I am able to come back on full duties I will be on unpaid leave. Seems fair enough, and it's nice that they're holding my job for me, but they will only hold it until mid-January and, unfurtuantely, knee injuries and ladders are not close friends. It may take more than a month for me to be fully capable to bend and climb. Ergo, if my knee is not better by January 10 I have no job.
Why has work cover rejected my claim? Because walking is an 'everydady activity' and therefore not a suitable claim in relation to a work injury. Can I protest? Yes. Will it get me anywhere? Probably not. So, I'm pretty much jobless AND I have a nice little pile of doctor's bills and hospital fees to keep me warm at night.
At least I've got my health. Oh, wait...

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