Sunday, January 10, 2010

Dreaming of you...

Having very little money this year, I've neglected updating my wardrobe as regularly as I'd like. Sadly, all my favourite dresses and skirts are slowly falling apart. So I've been trolling the internet looking for sewing inspiration for when I pull the sewing machine I got for Christmas out of its box. I have a few favourite sites that I return to regularly, dreaming of the day when I can maybe wait excitedly for a box from across the seas.
I'm in love with the sweet-but-sexy, girliness of everything on Posh Girl Vintage. I think if I had been a Varga Girl, this is the kinda thing I would have worn:

And even if I can't be a Varga Girl, I think I'd feel mighty Hollywood in almost anything from Mod Cloth, especially these:

I'm completely in love with that bow skirt, and the pink and brown dress from Posh Girl is being coppied in chocolate with a pale green floral skirt/trim ery soon. And if only I could make my own shoes...

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