Saturday, January 23, 2010

Card Luck

More lovin for random objects, this time it's cards. There were a few years recently when I decided not to give cards with every gift I gave. I love sweet cards, so any time a birthday came along I'd spend hours wandering the walls of newsagents, department stores, and little boutiques searching for that perfect card. I'm anal when it comes to gifting (and most other things too) so not only did the card have to say something special, it had to match the theme of the gift and the wrapping I was using. I'd go to immense pains and spend any amount needed to get exactly what I wanted. Sadly I've discovered most others don't share my supreme love of all things paper, so I decided to save card-giving for extra-special birthdays only.
That's all changed, and every gift is now accompanied by a card, large or small, sitting just so. I tried resisiting, but it's ever so hard when people like Yellow Beetle Bug are making things like this:

The sweetness of the drawing and the cheeky wit made me fall in love at first sight. And there's even one that fits my current situation perfectly:

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