Sunday, January 17, 2010

Riding along

I can't ride a bike. When I was a kid my parents just never got around to taking my training wheels off, and then my bike broke. As you get older the fear of falling sets in, and the idea of balancing precariously on a rail-thin device with two large wheels and no real safety element gets put in the "risks I'm not ready for yet" basket. I've tried once or twice but, as with all things, riding takes many hours of practice to master, so I've just never got there.
Because I've never learnt to ride, bikes have taken on the fantastical, almost dream-like quality in my mind and the idea of biking through the country-side sits alongside a hot-air balloon ride, or sailing around the world in an itty-bity boat. So when I see a picture of a bike as sweet as this one, I have to share it with you:

I'd love to share a bunch of other work from Clare Owen, but you should go check them out yourself and find one that make your heart flutter as much as this does mine.

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