Saturday, June 5, 2010

Musically speaking

I volunteered at a youth music and arts festival last year. I was given the task of main stage co-ordinator and performer liaison, which basicly translated to making sure a bunch of teens were happy and on time. Easy (not)! I was given another volunteer to help with the wrangling and the kids were great. Some were incredible artists, but there was one in particular that really shone.
I was told Andrew would be "helping out, performing, and emceeing for the day. Just make sure he's on time...oh and he's taken." The organiser said with a wink. I laughed. This was a youth festival, even the volunteers were all under 25, I was guaranteed to be the oldest person helping out. And I certainly wasn't keen to be hitting on a younger man. I had no idea what she was going on a bout. Until he showed up.
Faded skinny jeans. Loose, button down shirt, sleeves rolled up. Vans. Wayfareres. Masses of messy, casual curls. The kid was like a young Heath Ledger. In fact, my helper stated that very fact the moment she saw him, as did others throughout the day. If that's the look he was going for, he'd mastered it. He was polite, softly spoken, helpful, and friendly the whole day. He even organised an extra performance when we were down an act. And then he sang. And everyone stopped to listen. His voice was brilliant, but so were his lyrics. He was definitely the star of the day.
Now, I wasn't overly fond of the Heath Ledger look. But the kid could sing, and I told him so, and he gave me a copy of his EP. I listen to it quite a bit, and often wonder if he's made it any further with his dreams of becoming a singer/actor. So today I figured I'd share him with you. Who knows, maybe you'll tell a friend about him, and they'll tell another friend, and eventually we'll be secretly responsible for helping launch him right into superstardom.
Have a listen:
Part of it all by Andrew Hearle

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