Saturday, June 12, 2010

Elephant dreams

How sweet are these pillow cases from Sunday Morning Dreaing! I love really nice linens, and never seem to be able to find what I want in the right size for my bed. So I buy far too many pillow cases. For me the bonus of these is the beautiful elephant sleeping beside me. I think he'd look super cool on my bed dreaming elephant-sized dreams. Maybe he'd even magically bring my own super-sized dreams to life. And in the meantime he could be my temporary boyfriend - until I find a real love.
All my friends are loved up at the moment. It's fun. They giggle like school girls, swoon over the mention of their love's name, and babble constantly about sweet moments and cute quips. I love that. I love the joy the big L (Love) brings, the excitement the little l (lust) creates, and the crazy-talking, big-dreaming, heart-run-away-with-your-head delight when someone is smitten. It fills the rooms, and the life of someone more completely than any other feeling, and seems to have the ability to wash away the greys.
"Sorry, you're probably completely sick of hearing about this," they apologise.
I promise I'm not. 
Keep talking. Keep dreaming. Keep loving. It looks good on you. 


  1. I am so depressed. :( I was so enraptured with your post just now, though, that I let my pasta boil over. I luff elephants!

    Are you free next Saturday night?

  2. Is it just uni that's got you down at the moment? I've been sending you vibes, but is there anything else I can do to make you smile?
    I'm definitely free? Shall we go on a date ;0)

  3. Other stuff. Uni doesn't help! I'd love to go on a date with you. :D

  4. Have chocolate. Chocolate always least for a while.
    Hey, how about a date to stanthorpe next Sunday as well? We're trying to organise a field trip...

  5. Yep, count me in. And probably my mum.