Wednesday, May 5, 2010

Things to celebrate your life

My friend Wabi (I may have mentioned her once or twice) turned twenty-six today. After a tough year learning to deal with a disease that is stealing her youth, a move back home, and an endless stream of uni assessment she decided she'd rather not celebrate her birthday this year. I totally understand. I wish I could make it all go away so she could enjoy today (and tomorrow, and the next day) without pain, stress, and sadness. In lieu of that, maybe a trip somewhere she can traipse the streets of a foreign town, nibbling on a local treat. Sadly, my pocket is devoid of both fairy dust and gold coins. So instead, a list of things I dreamt of getting her:

A pack of goat's milk Chocolate Donut soaps from Soapopotomus to keep her skin smooth and soft.

A funky jacket to keep her warm through the winter, courtesy of LittleHouses.

A family of Owls to keep her company, and maybe provide some assessment inspiration now and then. These ones are form Brisbane store Nook.

An apple to give to the teacher, or just keep the doctor away. Or even this lovely print from YuliyaArt.

This milk glass candy dish, both to extend her milk glass collection and stash some candy. I found this at Hannas Vintage Stew

A dvd from Amazon to watch with her on a girly night in.
And last, but certainly not least, a hug and a big Happy Birthday. Because even if I can't give her any of these I can send her happy vibes and hope she has had a lovely day.


  1. Aww this made me CRY!

  2. I hope they were happy tears not sad ones. Although, I'm a bit sad that I can't buy both of us one of those jackets.
    Hope you had a good day.

  3. If we both had one we'd look like a Matching Couple. I had a pleasant non-birthday-ish day, which was what I wanted.

    Wish I could find more milk glass. I've got six pieces now and the last one I bought is so pretty. I must show you sometime. I love the spotted glass the best and want to get some bigger, spotted items.

  4. I'm glad you had a good day. I think maybe we would have to get matching jeans and cute scarves to be a matching couple. Maybe restart those rumours from high school ;0)
    I've been looking for milk glass every time I go to op-shops and I've barely seen any. The stuff I have seen is all gritty and chipped.