Wednesday, February 24, 2010

Stairway to heaven

It's been almost three months since my knee surgery now, and I'm finding every day it gets just that little bit stronger. I still have days on end where in aches, and I can't bend fully or put too much pressure on it, but it's getting better slowly.
Problem: For the past two weeks I've been having dreams I'm running downstairs. The horrid thing is I can't yet walk downstairs let alone run. It's driving me nuts! Every night I catch myself halfway down the stairs and subconsciously remind myself to slow down. My bloody knee is taking over my dreams! When I wake I find myself yearning to have more freedom, desperately wanting to spring up the stairs to the backyard, run after Darling Dog, or simply be able to sit on the ground without having to use military precision to stand back up. It's like my own dreams are taunting me. (Okay, probably a bit of paranoia there, but seriously, no more stairs dammit!)

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