Tuesday, August 24, 2010

Everything's apples

Do you have any words that just make you happy? You know, the kind of word that, every now and then, you'll just think of and smile, or you'll say and all of a sudden the sun is shining a bit better. My friend Wabi and I recently discovered a shared love for the word biscuit. Not only does it make you think of delicious treats, it just falls from the mouth in such a lovely manner, and looks ever so lovely on a page. Maybe it's a word nerd thing, or just my special style of crazy, but I've also got a thing for the word pumpkin. Then there's snickerdoodle, spanakopita, and foie gras.
Now before you say anything, no, it's not just a food-word thing. I also get a tad excited by the idea of defenestration, discombobulation, and borborygmi (although it's not very sexy). And how much fun are shenanigans?! Then there's my fondness for words in other languages. How much prettier is Lumiere than "light"? And tempo freddo sounds more like a jazzy treat than cold weather.
But my all time favourite word is simple: apple. In Indonesian it's apel, German is apfel, and even the completely different French pomme sounds delightful. Say it out loud in any of these forms and you get that reverberating hummm that's so satisfying in a word, and a mouth shaped a little like a kiss. In fact, a some-time model friend once told me they use the saying "black apples" to get that purfect sexy pout. Then there's memory formed from that scrumptious word! The juicy crunch as you bite into one, the slurp of juice from your chin, the sweet, fresh smell that tickles at your nose. I love eating them, cooking with them and bathing in gels that smell like them as well.
And now I have a new apple love. It's called Shabby Apple - yep, this was just a round-about way of introducing my new fave store. But it's totally worth it! Let's see...there's the sweet stuff for the little ones:

The juicy tips and tricks for making your pear-shape pervalicious, as well as a blog. And of course, crisp new styles in forgiving and flattering cuts for all us ladies desperately seeking ways to hide our not-so-sexy bits:

Oh, and did I mention that each item of clothing comes with it's own story? Fashion and Fiction all at once - it's too perfect! Plus the Shabby Apple girls, Emily and CK, are all about creating wearable clothing for girls of all shapes and sizes (hurrah!), while also supporting the empowerment of women everywhere (double hurrah!). AND they ship internationally (can we just give them the Nobel Prize for Fashion Fabulousness already?)!
Check 'em out, promise you won't be dissapointed.


  1. damn you!
    going to have to come home and reread this awesome post about 5 times because I love it so much. :D

  2. Thankyou! You'll also love shabby apple. Their shoes=love.

  3. I'm crazy about words too - some are so hilarious when repeated I laugh til I cry. I love Molungyimchen (I think it's a language but that's not the point for me, I just love saying it)...Others don't spring to mind just now (predictably) but will at 3am, I'm sure...I tend to love repeating mistakes people make or idiosyncratic ways people say things. I think it might seem as if I'm mocking but I'm not, I just like to roll it around my mouth the way others say it, if you know what I mean.

  4. Wabi and I have a habit of repeating mistakes people say as well! Althou I think maybe sometimes it is in a mocking tone, most of the time it's because there's so much fun in the foreign-ness of a familiar word used differently :0)
    Molungyimchen I love that word! I'm going to learn how to pronounce it and try using it somehow in everyday conversation.