Saturday, July 3, 2010

That's sheet

You know what sucks?
Scouring the internet desperately searching for Australian sites that sell pretty, patterned sheets and then discovering it's now one in the morning and you've wasted 3hours of perfectly good sleep.
You know what sucks even more?
Discovering that for approximately eighty Australian dollars I could buy 100% cotton sheets this cute:

Then discovering that Bed Bath and Beyond don't ship internationally.
I just want queen sheets that aren't boring, is that really too much to ask?


  1. Does Toowoomba have Pillow Talk?
    Hey, next semester, we'll have to go shopping in the city together! Window shopping probably, but it will still be funsies.

  2. It does have Pillow Talk but they have nothing. I've been looking for new sheets for two years (TWO!) and the only patterned sheets I've found have been vomit yellow flowers :0(
    We will definitely have to go (window) shopping! Or maybe op shopping. I went back to the one near the Cow the other day and scored a cute dress: $6!
    How's the weather down south?

  3. Guess what I did? Scored a vintage Loewe handbag for FREE! Apart from that, I never find good stuff at op shops. I need to go with you and Kelly and learn the tricks of the trade.

    The only cute bedsheets I have I bought from Pillow Talk (I think). They are flannelette. I'd like some plain cotton ones. Good sheets that don't cost your firstborn are hard to find. I have been looking at the bedding on Urban Outfitters lately -- there's a cute owl bedspread that I'm tempted by...

  4. How did you manage to get it for free?? I almost got an Olga Berg for $5 but I walked away to think about it and someone else snatched it :0( We'll have to have an op shopping day at paddington.
    I've found heaps of flannelette and cotton/poly sheets I love but I just want 100% cotton with a 250+ thread count. That makes me sound like a snob. And I am...I'm a sheet snob. I haven't looked at Urban Outfitters. I'll check them out.

  5. Unfortunately, they don't seem to have sheets. :( But they do have really cute pillow cases.

  6. Maybe I could just sew a heap of pretty pillow cases together...

  7. Maybe you could make your own? My mum has made sheets before.

  8. I've contemplated that. It's incredibly hard to find sheet-sized fabric... Where did your mum find hers?

  9. I think she carefully joined pieces of fabric. I'll have to ask her what she did and how she did it.

  10. You'll have to because that would solve all my problems!