Sunday, July 25, 2010

Goody two shoes

I'm known amongst my friends as a bit of a shoe addict, which I guess is a fair comment seeing as at one point I owned eighty-five pairs. My collection has dwindled somewhat with all my moving in recent years, not to mention the self-imposed shoe diet I placed on myself (five of any style per year, plus an extra pair of heels). In fact, it's dwindled so much in recent times that I'm finding myself shoeless on many occassion, because my favourites are all wearing out.
What I need most right now is a pair of simple black flats and a smart pair of sandals. I've decided the sandals can wait until it gets a bit warmer, but black flats are my go-to shoe when it comes to comfort and style, so I've been on a mission this week to find a pair I love. And did I ever find a pair I love, along with several other pairs I'll be lusting over for a long time.

So they're not black. But they are flats! And I can always buy a black pair as well...
Ok, enough excuses, let me tell you about these babies. Not only are they incredibly pretty, they're also handmade, vegan and 100% organic! You can find them in a rainbow of pretty colours and styles at The Generation.
Nothing like a pair of pretty shoes to make you feel good about supporting a great cause.


  1. *cough*Immelda*cough

    I feel like I have seen these shoes somewhere recently, like in a book or on a website or something. All those gelati colours. Veerrrrryyy cute.

  2. They seemed vaguely familiar to me too..I was thinking maybe Frankie?

  3. I find it impossible to find ballet flats I like. It doesn't seem to much to ask does it? They either are too boring, cheap looking materia or uncomfortable. Gah.

  4. I started just buying cheap ones for that exact reason Sasa - if they're going to look cheap there's no real point in them costing the earth. But these look super cute and are well made. And they're cute inside and out!