Tuesday, March 8, 2011

Brogue my heart

It's no secret that I have a small pretty big exceptionally large shoe addiction. I don't hide it - it's pretty much impossible to hide 80 pairs of shoes for very long - but I have tried in recent times to curb my addiction and concentrate on buying just the ones I really love. The problem with this is it means that when my favourite shoes start to fall apart it becomes a catastrophe on two levels. Firstly (and you have to understand I'm not crazy, just in love) a small part of my heart breaks, and I spend days/weeks/months promising myself they'll definitely go in the bin after one last wear - even though by this stage there's usually copious holes, great big scuffs, or they're tearing my feet apart because the lining is in numerous sharp, pointy pieces. Secondly, I then have the gigantic task of finding a new pair that could adequately measure up to the last ones.
And so it is with the the two pairs of brogues I bought at the start of last year. You see, not only do I have an unntaural love for the brogue, these brogues were not simply shoes - they kind of became a part of me. Wherever I went this past year on my feet would be gold or black brogue beauty. I've worn them to the point that the bottoms are thinner than the finest of cottons. They are no longer wearable by a sensible person. Key word - sensible.
Which is why I've spent the last month searching desperately for the perfect pair of brogue-replacement brogues. The black ones are kind of covered - my new work shoes are somewhat brogue-like. But they're also a shade on the boring side, unlike these pretties, which I think even Wabi could warm to:
Top Shop MIOLA Brogues found here
To be honest, I've always wanted a pair like this:
Jeffrey Campbell Brogue-pump, courtesy of Vintage Mint
Perfect heel-height, and such a pretty colour-combination.
But then tonight I found these:

MIKA Ladies Brogues from Mr Shoes
 And I'm seriously thinking about them - even if the shipping costs more than the shoes - because the colour is just so damn wonderful!
Am I crazy, or does everyone has an obsession like my shoe-insanity?


  1. I do like the top pair, in spite of my general disdain for the brogue. Have you looked at www.asos.com? Reasonably priced; free shipping.

  2. Where do you find such joy?! I can't see any shoes I like, but so many other pretty things!
    Also, I'm glad you liked the top ones, they reminded me of you :0)

  3. I'm not that insane about shoes but I do love them....what I am insane about is clothes. I've lived in like, 8 countries or something and do not own anything assets, not a house, not a car. All I have is clothes, a lot of clothes. I hate to think how much I have spent shipping clothes from place to place...

  4. I wish I had more clothes, although I can't imgine having to ship them anywhere because I'm aweful at packing! I have a lot, but every time I open the closet to get dressed I can't seem to find antyhing to wear. Do you have that problem too?