Monday, April 12, 2010

Monday must haves

Along with bikes, balloons in any variety are a bit of an obsession  of mine, especially ones this pretty:

This is a linen print from Spread the Love's Etsy store. She designs the doodles herself and then prints them on all sorts of different canvases. I'm a little bit in love.
I'm also much loving these stockings from Post:

Even though I hate Twitter, I love birdie motifs. And I think these would be fun to wear out to a club, even if it was just to tease the boys.
And speaking of teasing, Foxglove's postage stamp jewellry has been teasing me for weeks. In fact, I even dreamt about these little darlings last night:

They're resin and sterling silver cuff links made with a Chinese postage stamp from the 1960s. I think these would look super cute with a power suit and a sexy pair of heels. Or maybe as a gift for a special boy...if I had one.
And a gift for the baby who has everything? How about this:

E Ria Designs has an incredible collection of personalised sterling silver, gold, and vintage brass jewellry. They're all very simple pieces, which makes them perfect for any age, boys and girls.   

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