Friday, March 26, 2010

"Excuse me while I change in front of you"

There was a store in the centre I worked that displayed my post title on a huge sign out the front for months. They were renovating the store. For the first week I thought it quite witty. By the second week walking past every day it became maddening unfunny, to the point I wanted to knock on the door and tell them to go change somewhere-bloody-else! I don't know why it annoyed me so. Maybe because I hated that job...
Anyway, long-winded way of telling you I'm playing with my blog again. I discovered blogger in draft! So forgive the ever-changing craziness while I redecorate my little plot of webland.


  1. Thankyou! I'm still not completely happy, I don't like the title text, but the background is much more me than the weird scrapbook thing. Oh and I found this golden area of Blogger that allows CSS. Maybe you could teach me a trick or two ;0)

  2. html or css??

    i'm very much an amateur :s

  3. Ah...Either. I'm very much at the stage BEFORE "computer code for dummies".

  4. I'm much better with html than css. people write css differently, so one sheet can look quite different from another, but html has fewer allowable variations, so it's easier to follow, in my opinion. you should just start looking up some html tags on google. that's how i started.